Introducing Budgeting Buddy: A New Budgeting Tool

Budgeting Buddy Dashboard

Over the years, I’ve tried out several different tools to track my finances.  I’d give each one a fair shot.  Sometimes a few days, other times a few months.  But, none of them really cut the mustard for me.  After each awkward foray into what felt like a foreign land of mystical money management, I’d usually end up crawling back to my old reliable friend, the Excel spreadsheet.  Nothing against Excel.  It’s an extremely versatile tool.  I’ve just always felt like I wanted something more.

Now, as you may or may not know, I’m a software engineer by day and personal finance blogger by night.  Software and money are two of my biggest passions in life.  About a year and a half ago, I decided to harness my love for software and embark on creating my own budgeting tool.  My goal was to build a tool that was simple and powerful without being overly complicated.  After months of building, testing, tweaking, and dog-fooding my software, I’m finally ready to let other people join in the fun.

Today, I’m releasing the beta version of Budgeting Buddy, the software that says “every paycheck is a choice.”  Before you get too excited, there is a caveat I should explain.  This is a limited release available by invitation only.  But if all goes well, a publicly available release won’t be too far away.

Here’s a taste of some of the features:

Capture your monthly budget

Budgeting Buddy lets you quickly jot down your income and expenses providing instant feedback about the strength of your budget.

Use envelopes without even trying

Budgeting Buddy uses the envelope system to track your expenses.   Each expense amount will go towards an envelope which will accumulate funds every month until you spend it.

Do some quick math

Need to quickly add a couple of paychecks or bills together?  Don’t reach for that calculator.  Just enter a simple equation into any money field and let Budgeting Buddy do the math for you.

Track your financial health

Keep track of what you own and what you owe and let Budgeting Buddy figure out your net worth.

Capture your checking account and credit card transactions so you know what your money is up to at any given moment.

Private and Secure

Budgeting Buddy uses SSL encryption and won’t ask for your name, bank account number, or other personal information.

Available at home or on the go

Budgeting Buddy works on your phone, tablet, or computer.  Everything you enter syncs across all your devices.

Do you currently use software to track your finances?  Does Budgeting Buddy sound like something you might try?

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