We Crushed Our Goals: Mortgage and Carpet, Check

Fiesta Grill

Six months ago, Mrs. Pennypacker and I set two goals for ourselves:

  1. Pay the balance on the mortgage down to 39%.
  2. Buy and install new carpets.

Six months later, I’m happy to say we crushed our goals! The mortgage is now down to 38%. We actually were on pace to get it down to 37%, but I’ve been so busy with my day job lately that I forgot to add an extra payment to the last one we sent in. Still, we’ll take it.

The carpets are all in. That one was fun. I’ll never forget the look on Mrs. Pennypacker’s face when she unwittingly wandered into our house full of fancy new flooring.

So, what are we going to do to reward ourselves?

We’re buying a new BBQ grill. We haven’t decided what kind yet, but anything would be better than the one we have now. It’s about nine years old (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing). The handle for the lid broke off a few years ago, so we’ve since had to use our finger-tips to finagle the remaining plastic nub. The ignition switch is borked, but we’ve gotten used to lighting matches. The built-in thermometer is dead, but we’ve improved our other senses so we can more or less detect when the meat is cooked. The drip-pain broke, so every time we cook, the dogs are gifted with a scrumptious pile of grill drippings. Again, the new one doesn’t have to be anything fancy. It just has to work.

So, what about the next six months?

I think we can be a little more aggressive this time. I say we can knockout 8 percentage points and get that mortgage down to an even 30%.

Six months ago I was not real hopeful about getting the mortgage completely paid off by the end of next year. But, as we get closer to the end, I can feel the optimism oozing back in. I think we can continue to ratchet up the extra payments next year and get that remaining balance pretty darn close to zero.

2 thoughts on “We Crushed Our Goals: Mortgage and Carpet, Check”

    1. That’s our old BBQ…unless you’re referring to the latest picture, which is of our old sump pump.


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