Budgeting Buddy Version 0.6 is Out: Start Setting a Goal or Two!

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Version 0.6 of Budgeting Buddy has been released!  Both the web app and the Android app have been upgraded.

Set Some Goals

The biggest change you’ll notice in Budgeting Buddy is the addition of a Goals section.  This is where you’ll be able to tie a Health Item to a goal.  Let’s say you’re saving for a car.  Setup a goal for your savings account, say $5,000, and track your progress each month.  You can also see what the Predicted Finish will be for your goal.  As each month goes by, you’ll be able to see how your Predicted Finish might change depending on how much you added to your account that month.  You might be falling behind or you might be surging ahead.  If you’re on the basic plan, the number of goals you can create at one time is limited to one.  If you’re on the Premium Plan, you can create unlimited goals.

goals screenshot

Bug Fixes and cleanup

  • A few of those annoying bugs reported by beta users have been fixed.
  • A small, but noticeable change involved renaming a few toolbar buttons.  “Details” is now “Items.”  The buttons still do same thing they used to, but “Items” just makes more sense.
  • The dashboard charts have been reworked and cleaned up and should be a little easier to understand.

Next on the road map

We will be adding a notification widget on the dashboard.  This will notify you if something needs your attention.  If you are on the Premium Plan, It will also give you suggestions on how to improve your financial health.

Further down the road

We plan to add more help documentation and videos to hold your hand while as you explore Budgeting Buddy.

We also plan to add a team feature, where you can join forces with someone else in your household and share a budget.  After all, budgeting should be a team effort.

Release To Manufacturing

Budgeting Buddy getting closer to progressing from beta to a 1.0 RTM version.  Please keep the feedback coming.  If you would like to join the beta program, please let me know.  This is your chance to get involved in shaping Budgeting Buddy at it’s early stages.

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