Budgeting Buddy: Did I Create a Budget This Month?


It’s an app.  It’s a website.  It’s called Budgeting Buddy – where every paycheck is a choice – and we’re quickly churning out the new versions. It’s only been a couple weeks since version 0.6 came out, but we’re already poppin’ the tag on 0.7.

What’s New?

We all need reminders, even people like me who eat, sleep, and breath money.  Sometimes life gets distracting and it’s easy to forget about that monthly budget.  That’s one of the reasons we added a new Messages widget to Budgeting Buddy‘s Dashboard.  If you haven’t created a budget for the most recent month, you’ll see a reminder on your dashboard right when you sign in.  By the same token, if you haven’t recorded your financial health items for the most recent month, you’ll be nudged to get started.

As usual, this latest version of Budgeting Buddy includes a healthy collection of bug fixes and performance improvements including faster load times and more a more responsive screen.

Down the Road

Eventually, you’ll be able look to the Messages widget for personalized financial advice, budgeting team invites, and to find out what’s new with Budgeting Buddy.

Beta Program

Do you like free software?  Join the Beta Program.  Not only will you get early access to one of the simplest budgeting systems around, you’ll also get a free upgrade to our Premium subscription.  If you have an Android phone or tablet you can download the Android app.  If you have any other device with internet access, you can log into the website.  Just contact us to get started now!

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