When Your Body Says, “Whoa!” Sometimes You Have to Listen


Back in November of 2015, I set out on a six month journey to conquer a Navy SEAL Fitness program.  I had high hopes that I’d cruise right on through April and cross a nice little accomplishment off my list.  Sadly, my body has said, “Whoa!”, and I’ve decided to listen.

The Return of the Toe

I’ve been on hiatus for 2 weeks now because of a couple nagging injuries (toe and bicep).   I injured my toe last August (the doctor diagnosed the injury as capsulitis), so up to this point I’ve been substituting spin bike sessions and row machine rounds for running.  About 3 months ago, my toe was feeling pretty close to healed, so I started gradually mixing in some brief, easy jogging.  A month ago I started upping my run times to 20 minute sessions, three days a week.  Well, two weeks into those, I had a relapse.  My toe started hurting again; just about as bad as when I first injured it six months ago.  I was bummed.  I knew I had to completely rest it, and maybe even start my treatment/rehab cycle all over again.

Bye Bye Bicep

My bicep’s been another issue.  I suspect it’s a case if tendinitis that first bit me about six weeks ago.  It mainly hurts when I crank on some pull-ups.  I don’t want it to get any worse, so I’ve pretty much laid off doing pull-ups, rows, curls or any other potential bicep straining movement.  My poor biceps are just withering away.

Why Can’t Days be 25 Hours Long?

The time commitment had also become a challenge.  My hours at work had been increasing just as my workout time had been ratcheting  up.  I was putting in a good 90 minutes a day, six days a week.  I called it quits around week 12 of the six month program (right around the halfway mark).  My workouts were only going to get longer.

A Different Kind of Challenge

I did enjoy the experience.  The SEAL workout has a big emphasis on core exercises – planks, supermans, wipers, and the like.  Not to mention a big helping of push-ups, pull-ups and sit-ups.  It’s much more endurance focused than say a CrossFit style workout where your sessions don’t last more than a few minutes.  Plus, I think there’s a different type of a mental challenge involved.  You’re not just seeing how fast you can complete a wide variety of movements, you’re trying to see how much you can endure, and for how long.

Reluctantly Resigning

I hate giving up.  But, I feel like I have to.  I do think I gave it my all for the 12 weeks I put in.  As time rolls on, I plan to keep a light regimen of push-ups, sit-ups, and core – balancing on the tightrope of resting my body and keeping the fitness embers smoldering.

Once my injuries are healed, I’m not sure I’ll jump right back into the SEAL fitness schedule.  Instead, I’m thinking of getting back into a more CrossFit oriented workout, mainly because of the shorter time commitment.  I’m also bound and determined to get myself back into the forest for some relaxing weekend morning runs.


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