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Hey there. I’m B.E. Pennypacker and I believe in freedom through wealth.

I think I’ve always been a fan of money (who isn’t). I remember as a little kid going to Great Western Bank (sadly no longer around) with my parents and depositing money into a savings account. The interest rate at the time was 7%! I just remember thinking how amazing it was that this bank would pay me money every month if I just let them keep an eye on it.

As I grew up, I did things with money that most people do. I took out a student loan for college, I got my first credit card (a Discover card which I still use), and I financed a car. Then I got married. My wife and I financed a couple more cars and took out an interest-only ARM (adjustable rate mortgage) to buy our first house.

For a while, I was kinda-sorta keeping a household budget (I wear the money pants in our relationship). It seemed like we were making enough money to pay the bills. But, I couldn’t figure out why we never really seemed to get anywhere. Was I missing something? Gradually, I started reading a few books and paying attention to a few of the personal finance gurus out there. I started researching articles online about managing money and becoming wealthy.

Then around 2007, things changed and I started thinking about money differently. I began to realize money is a tool that, if used properly, can be used to gain freedom and security. Becoming wealthy is the key. Wealth gives you the option to travel, give to charity, leave an inheritance, and work at a job because you want to, not because you have to.

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